Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but what happened to couples torn apart by war, unknowing of when, or if, they would see each other again? As the First World War raged on, so did the hearts of the husbands, wives, and lovers of Europe.

To cope with the separation, many soldiers sent long, romantic letters of to their loved ones back home. Some waited longingly for their lovers on the field, while others sought companionship with those left behind. There was love that transcended borders, love that lasted the ages, and love for one woman fought over by two different men.

In the Love Letter Run, we present you stories of romance and betrayal, of lust and longing, heartbreak and new beginnings – all the makings of your favourite melodrama, but from genuine, handwritten sources of real, lived experiences. The Run is not a separate competition, but a permanent, regularly-updated selection of documents, hand-picked to get your emotions running and your hearts pumping on the Transcribathon.

Bring the hearts of the men and women of WW1 back to life by transcribing their treasured love stories. The Love Letter Run officially kicked off on Valentine's Day 2017 and has since been permanently ongoing.

Valentine's Day 2018 marks a revival of the Love Letter Run -  relive the same passions and take part in restoring these powerful memories of love!

Discover These Compelling Tales of Love

Soldier's Poem in Nurse's Autograph Book

Hearts that are fond hearts
Never grow old
Hearts that are true hearts
Never grow cold
Hearts that are worthy of
bearing that name
In hail, rain, or sunshine
Are always the same

- Pte. Cyrie H. Smith »»

The Last Letter from Max Ligardes

J'évoque votre front, vos lèvres et vos yeux et je sens qu'à jamais se sont jointes nos âmes...sous ces souvenirs grisent mon cœur fervent  »»

I evoke your face, your lips and your eyes and I feel that our souls are forever connected ... with these memories, my heart is fervently intoxicated

Johann Becker's Farewell Letter

Sollte mir das Schicksal ereilen und eine Kugel für mich bestimmet sein, so denke ich in allerletzter Stunde an Dich Du heiß geleibte Henny und an die Kinder.  »»

Should I meet my fate and a bullet is destined with my name, will I think of you in my very last hour, my much beloved Henny and children

Letter from Louis Carette

Reçois mon amour les plus fous baisers de ton petit mari qui t'adore »»

Receive my love the most wildest of kisses from your little husband who adores you

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