Captain/Major Harold Ward Correspondence, item 983

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  • 50.1107922||3.0859058999999434||

    Havrincourt, Ribecourt-la-Tour,

  • Story location Havrincourt, Ribecourt-la-Tour,

5037 / 57467
Kate Ward

December 6, 1917
  • English

  • en.wikipedia.orgSt Wulfram's Church, Grantham
  • www.roll-of-honour.comIn St Wulfram's: 'No words can express his goodness in all things to all. As he lived so he died faithful to his principles even unto death. To the memory of Major Harold Ward. Lincolnshire Regiment.'
  • www.cwgc.orgMajor HAROLD WARD. Died 21/03/1918. Aged 31. 2nd/4th Bn. attd. 2nd/5th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment Twice Mentioned in Despatches husband of L. Marion Ward, of 24, Gladstone Terrace, Grantham.

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