World War I "scrapbook" and letter of Tilly Hill

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World War I "scrapbook" and letter of Tilly Hill

Tilly Hill was from Tarbert, Co. Kerry, Ireland. The Hill family ran a shop/store in the town. She was an acquaintance of my grandfather. She entrusted this scrapbook to him in the 1930s or 1940s because she felt it would be in safe hands (he was the schoolmaster/Principal). I think that she never married. She corrected "Mrs." to "Miss" in a Red Cross letter (she collected money for the Red Cross). Her name may have been Teresa. The scrapbook consists mainly of newspaper clippings relating to the war. I think she recorded anything she could get her hands on but there was a weighting in favour of anything with a North Kerry/Limerick connection. There are handwritten annotations, adding extra information and quotes. The scrapbook also includes letters, postcards, a comic strip. It tells us as much about the woman herself as it does about the items collected. There seem to be identifiable sections e.g. a few pages on Kitchener or Lord Roberts (with letters). On one page with a coloured Union Jack, she superimposed a row of shamrocks on the Union Jack. She was clearly an earnest supporter of the war effort as a nationalist. Sometimes she sowed things into the book and at other times pasted them. There are some items relating to 1916. There are some Second World War items at the end. There is also a postcard to Tilly, dated 1914, from J. Dwyer Kelly, thanking her for the parcel she sent (he was on active service in France).

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Scrapbook; Postcard to Tilly, 1914 from J. Dwyer Kelly.

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Tilly Hill
Tarbert, Co, Kerry
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    World War I

    Tarbert, Co, Kerry

    World War I "scrapbook" and letter of Tilly Hill

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