Franco-Serb and Franco-Greek Vocabulary

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French-Serbian-Greek Vocabulary

This is a French-Serbian and French-Greek Vocabulary published by the French Ministry of War, by way of the Geographic Service of the Army, in Paris in 1915. It contains words and phrases relating to geographic terms, general phrases, numbers, nationalities, orientation, weather, transport, and so on, as well as military ones relating to troops and arms, combat, fortifications, and so on, including for interrogating suspects. The 1915 date is of significance because that is when, in October of that year, the Germans, Austro-Hungarians, and Bulgarians attacked Serbia from all sides and forced, ultimately, the winter retreat of the Serbian Army through the mountains of Albania. France and Britain sent a two-division expeditionary force to Salonika which, as it tuned out, unfortunately, was too little too late. So, having a Franco-Serb/Franco-Greek Vocabulary would have helped the regular French soldier to hopefully be able to get on and communicate with their Greek and Serbian allies. Also shown here are contemporary editions of ‘The War Illustrated’ magazine, with the cover of the 23 October 1915 edition asking ‘What Will Happen To Serbia?’, with the cover showing an illustration of French and British soldiers coming to the aid of Serbia; the cover of the 6 November 1915 issue has an illustration of a British officer conferring with Serbia’s King Peter; and the cover of the 20th November 1915 issue has an illustration of Greek Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos, the ‘Maker of Modern Greece’, urging Greece’s King Constantine to honour the Greco-Serbian Treaty of 1913.

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Franco-Serb and Franco-Greek Vocabulary (in French: Petit Vocabulaire Franco-Serbe et Franco-Grec), The War Illustrated, 23 October 2015, The War Illustrated, 6 November 2015, The War Illustrated, 20 November 2015.

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    Franco-Serb and Franco-Greek Vocabulary

    Franco-Serb and Franco-Greek Vocabulary

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