The Book of Life by Walter Nicholson from Stokesley, North Yorkshire

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Walter Nicholson from Stokesley, North Yorkshire

Walter Nicholson was born and brought up in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. He was aged 37, married with 2 children when he signed up to serve King and Countery on 22nd December 1914, an act of great patriotism as there were many men much younger and without dependant families who might have served in his place. Walter was employed in civilian life as a chauffeur and so was allocated to the Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport Section (Army number 031643) as a Motor Lorry Driver. The Army Service Corps managed the vast supply needs of the army on many fronts and were a stragically important factor in maintaining supplies for the army as it made considerable advances over difficult ground. They operated in a variety of roles, providing food, equipment and amunition as well as transporting casualties to clearing stations and hospitals. In 1916 Walter was admitted to hospital in Brighton due to spinal injuries sustained whilst on active service. In hospital he wrote poetry reflecting his and his comrades war experience and expressing his patriotism and love of his country. This poems is attached to this story. Walter Nicholson was invalided out of the war in 1916 and spent the remaining years of the conflict making munitions. After the war he developed an interest in fossils and created a wayside museum exhibiting the fossils he collected in his work quarrying. He was also an amateur opera singer. He died in 1934 aged 58.
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Walter Nicholson
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Stokesley, North Yorkshire
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    The Book of Life by Walter Nicholson from Stokesley, North Yorkshire

    Stokesley, North Yorkshire

    The Book of Life by Walter Nicholson from Stokesley, North Yorkshire

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