Ear Nose and Throat hospital for the German army in Glogau

My grandfather, Dr. Paul Lernau, an ENT physician, was appointed director of a hospital in Glogau, Schlesia (today Glogow, Poland) for sick and injured German soldiers during WW1. I have three (family) photographs of the staff and patients of this hospital. I do not have the dates when these images were taken. Dr. Lernau lived in Glogau from 1899 till his death in 1932. His wife, Gertrud Lernau, moved to Berlin and was deported to Theresienstadt in 1942. She survived the camp, and later emigrated to Israel. Their daughter Charlotte (later Sonia Preux) emigrated during WW2 to Mexico, and their son (my father) Hans Ludwig (later Hanan) Lernau emigrated in 1923 to Palestine. Photo Hospital 1: Shows a group of patients standing on a flight of steps, probably outside the hospital. Every face is very clear and identifiable. Paul is standing in front with three nurses on each side. Two orderlies stand in the rear. Some patients have bandaged ears or throats. Photo Hospital 2: Shows doctors and staff in a patients' room. Paul stands in the middle with the same 6 nurses around him. Two additional officers (?) stand on both sides. They might be physicians but they do not carry a red cross on their sleeve like Paul and the nurses. So they might have been administrators. There are patient beds behind the group, with patients' names inscribed. On the left there is one half-hidden patient in bed, looking into the camera as well. He is holding to his nose some instrument, probably a nebulizer (?). Paul and the officers are in uniforms which might give a clue to their army units. The officer on the right and Paul have their swords. The nurses were probably also residents of Glogau. Photo Hospital 3: This photo is the most interesting one. It shows a Christmas celebration for staff and patients. It takes place inside a synagogue as can be recognized by the stars of David along the upper walls. There is an inscription "Froehliche Weihnacht." (Happy Christmas) attached to the curtain which covers the ark of the synagogue, and a Christmas tree stands to the left. There is not enough room along the long table in the middle, and some patients and staff and guests stand in the rear. There is not much food on the table other then apples (or potatoes?). Several patients are bandaged. Each of the seated patients has some kind of a roll in front of him, the purpose of which is not clear to me. It might contain a slip of paper which some of the patients hold in their hands. One can imagine that these papers contained songs or prayers for the celebration(?). At the end of the table stands a priest. Paul stands to his left. Gertrud Lernau, Paul's wife, in a black dress and a black hat, stands in the right rear with Charlotte her daughter in front of her. Hans Ludwig my father (born in 1902) sits on the fourth chair on the right side. Patients were hospitalized in this hall as can be recognized by the patients' beds on the rear on both sides. There was a large imposing synagogue in Glogau (burned down in 1938). Photographs of its interior do not fit the hall in this photo, which means that the celebration took place either in a secondary hall of the same synagogue, or in another one, about which I have no information. The combination of a patient ward inside a synagogue, with Christmas celebration, with priest and a Christmas tree - all this makes this image so special. I am interested to get any information about the hospital, the staff members or the patients. Omri Lernau, ozlernau@netmedia.net.il Die Beschreibung und Interpretation der Fotos bzw. die korrekte Bezeichnung der dargestellten ├ľrtlichkeiten bedarf noch weiterer Recherchen.
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Glogau, (Glogow)
Omri Lernau
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    Ear Nose and Throat hospital for the German army in Glogau

    Glogau, (Glogow)

    Ear Nose and Throat hospital for the German army in Glogau

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