George Douglas Brush

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5th(Reserve) Battalion of the London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade).

George Douglas Brush was the father in law of the contributor Pamela Brush. Before enlistment he was a solicitors clerk. He served during the war in the 5th(Reserve) Battalion of the London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade). He was a platoon sergeant from June 1915 to May 1917. He arrived in Le Havre on 26 January 1917 and kept a daily diary of the combat, but on 17 May 1917 went over the top. Fighting was fierce with many casualties and on 18 May was wounded by a "whizz-bang" in the back and head. He wrote to his parents on 20th May assuring his parents he was well and not severely injured, though having a shrapnel wound to his back. On the 24 May he was sent back to England and had surgery on 1st June at a hospital in Bristol to remove the shrapnel from near his spine. Attached are several moving letters from his family written around this time, detailing their thankfulness that he has survived "only wounded". After he had convalesced he did not return to active service, first serving as a drill seargent from August 1917 to October 1918 and then again as platoon sergeant until Jan 1919 when he was demobbed. He was married 5 years later on 9 August 1924. His brothers Arthur Wesley and Herbert Stanley also enlisted and saw active service in France. Arthur Wesley Brush suffered mentally from all he had endured. George used to attend the annual reunion brigade dinners.

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Biography Photo when enlisted in the army (2nd Battalion London Rifle Brigade) dated 1914 photo in 1917 in England, presumably whilst he was convalescing after bein wounded regiment photo certifiate of employment during the war protection certificate and cert. of ident a pity electoral role document menu of platoon dinner on 31 July 1916, a number of the regiment have signed it soldiers word and phrase book in French and German personal diary letter days after going over the top letter to his sister in March 1917 May 13 1917 letter to George from father letter on 20 may 1917 to George from mum letter May 23 1917 from mother to G letter to George from mum 26 may 1917 27 May letter to George from father from sister Elsie to G 30 may 1917 letter mother to George 2 June 1917 31 march 1918 from mother to George box of medals and tags

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George Douglas Brush
Born: December 8, 1888 in London
Died: April 15, 1978 in London
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January 26, 1917 – Jan, 1919
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Pamela Brush
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    Battalion dinner menu July 1916


    Battalion dinner menu July 1916

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    Six page letter from George's dad to George May 13 1917

    "The Shrubbery"

    Six page letter from George's dad to George May 13 1917

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