Mary Middleton - A Nurse's Autograph Book

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Mary Middleton (Nurse) and Edward Fitzgerald

Mary was born on July 17th 1884 and was the contributor's paternal grandmother. She was 30 yrs old when WW1 began and was an auxillary nurse in Wales. The hospital she was based in was in Holywell, Flintshire. She kept an autograph book containing the writings of wounded soldiers that were in Mary's care. Many of the entries are written in verse and there are a number of illustrations in the book. A needle and thread with a stitch in time saves 9. Mary has written in as well. Mary qualified as a nurse in 1924. Her son said she was one of the first SRN's. Picture of the conbributor's maternal grandad Edward Fitzgerald in soliers uniform. He was in France in WW1 where he was a mechanic working on ambulances. After the war he had his own garage.

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Autograph book includes some heather. Nursing Qualification Certificate Photograph of Mary saying postcard on the back Photograph of group of people with horse and Mary on far right Photograph of maypole (mary in white hat and flowers) Photographs of Mary as a nurse which her daughter in law has anotated Photograph of a group of nurses including a baby with Mary second on the left in nurses uniform Mary's nursing badge with her name on the back of the badge Portrait of Mary before she was a nurse Photograph of Edward Fitzgerald (only one in uniform) 11 December 1918. This was his wedding photo Picture taken in Jerusalem of John Bolland (he was Jim's Great Grandfather) and was in the army there, maybe a sergeant. He was on Allenbys campaign.

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Person 1
Mary Ann Middleton (maiden name Moore)
Born: July 17, 1884 in Shropshire
Died: February 11, 1977 in Shropshire
Person 2
Edward Fitzgerald
Died: December 27, 1962 in Belfast
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Maeve Birdsall and Jim Birdsall
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