Martin Furlong and John McGrath

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Forth men at war

My grandfather was Martin Furlong from Killinick, Co. Wexford and he served in WW1. He was courting Katie McGrath during the war years and I've brought along some of the postcards he sent to her from France. Katie was from Tacumshane Co. Wexford but was working in Dublin during the war years. One of the postcards is from 1916 and in it Martin expresses upset at hearing news of the Easter Rising. Grandfather died when I was 4 but I have great memories of sitting on his knee. The photo of him in uniform was on the wall in their house while my grandmother was alive but was taken down after she died. Martin's war experience wasn't much spoken of within his family and his medals were lost over the years. John McGrath was Katie's brother and I knew nothing about him until I found a newspaper clipping reporting him missing in my aunt's house. I also found a note written by Katie stating that John had joined the army in June 1915 and was reported missing in action in September 1916. I found out later from the book, 'The Wexford War Dead' that he was in the Irish Guards and that he is remembered on the Thiepval memorial in France.

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Martin in uniform; Martin's dogtags; Martin's discharge papers; Martin's postcards to Katie McGrath; Newspaper cutting re John McGrath's disappearance; Note written by Katie about her brother John.

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    Martin Furlong and John McGrath, item 11

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    Martin Furlong and John McGrath

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    Martin Furlong and John McGrath

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